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What Are CBD Capsules?

CBD capsules are small, tasteless capsules filled with cannabidiol. They are available in all sorts of doses, from small to large - and are even available in a more natural form with fewer ingredients that provides better results - raw hemp oil.

They offer an easy, simple, and tasteless way to get the daily relief you need from CBD - and usually are available in 15, 30, or 60 count packages. Many people look to CBD pills and capsules to relax and get relief from anxiety, pain, inflammation and other symptoms from common health conditions.

How Do CBD Capsules Work?

Just like CBD tinctures and raw hemp oil, CBD capsules are absorbed into your body through digestion, and then provide relief through your ECS (Endocannabinoid System). CBD (cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid that naturally occurs in the hemp plant, and that is believed to interact with our ECS in order to stimulate it to produce and regulate endocannabinoids (cannabinoids naturally made in our bodies) more efficiently - to provide pain and inflammation relief.

To be honest, how CBD works is quite a complicated subject - to help you learn more about it in full depth, we created these resources:

Do CBD Capsules Work?

Yes. Millions of Americans turn to CBD to help with their inflammation, pain, anxiety, and more. Here are some statistics that prove the effectiveness of CBD so far:

  1. CBD targets pain receptors to suppress chronic and persistent pain - This 2012 study found that cannabidiol and other cannabinoids help to treat and mediate chronic pain very effectively.
  2. 62% of CBD users reported using it for a medical condition - This study found that a majority of them used it for anxiety, stress, and pain (mainly). 36% of these people reported that CBD worked “very well by itself”, while another 29.5% of people reported it worked “moderately well by itself”, and another 30.5% reported that it worked “well with conventional medicine”. In this study, a total of 95.5% of people reported that CBD worked well by itself and with conventional medicine.
  3. CBD reduces inflammation for a number of diseases - This 2011 study shows some of the ways that cannabidiol helps to reduce inflammation in the body that is related to many common diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and otosclerosis.
  4. CBD reduced inflammation related to acute lung injury - This 2012 study shows proof that CBD can be used to reduce inflammation in a number of ways for a number of disorders. Specifically, this study displayed its ability to help with inflammation in the lungs due to respiratory disorders and diseases.

There are dozens of other data points that show proof of early research supporting the use of CBD for many symptoms related to health conditions. However, much more research needs to be done before we can come to any scientific conclusions.

To learn more about how CBD works, why it works, and the research to back it, here are some super helpful guides we created:

What Are the Benefits of CBD Capsules?

Aside from the benefits of helping people deal with inflammation, pain, anxiety, and a slew of other issues, here are some benefits of choosing CBD pills and capsules over other types of CBD:

1. Quick and Easy to Remember

One of the best things about capsules is that you can simply put them next to your vitamins and take them in the morning or at night. This helps your body to absorb the CBD more consistently, which will provide better, more consistent relief over time.

2. Easy to Dose

Perhaps the most convenient part about CBD capsules is that they’re so easy to dose. Most come in 10-50mg capsules, which make them very easy to dose. Starting out with 5 or 10mg capsules, you can easily work your way up to the best dosage for your needs, or you can start off strong with 50mg CBD capsules.

3. Affordable

When it comes down to it, CBD capsules offer a very affordable price on cannabidiol on a per milligram basis. They’re easy to find, and the best brands offer very reasonable price points on some of their top products.

Who Are CBD Pills Best For?

CBD pills and capsules are best for people who don’t care for fancy flavors, and who simply want consistent, easy to dose relief on a daily basis. Whether you’re dealing with inflammation, pain, sleep problems, anxiety, or more, CBD capsules provide easy and affordable relief.

What Are the Side Effects of CBD Capsules?

The side effects of CBD are relatively uncommon and mild. They consist of:

  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Diarrhea
  • Anxiety

Typically, these only occur in very high doses (above 100-300mg per day), and do not affect many users. To learn more about the side effects of CBD capsules, check out this complete guide.

How Do CBD Capsules Make You Feel?

Overall, there is no one way that CBD capsules make you feel. Many people have the perception that cannabidiol makes you high or buzzed like cannabis, but that’s not true. In high doses, you may feel a slight sense of euphoria in your body when it kicks in - which feels similar to how your body radiates after being in the sun all day. Other than that, the feelings CBD gives people are fairly positive, with most people reporting much relief for their pain and inflammation, as well as anxiety.

Some people do report feeling a bit irritable, while others report feeling slightly fatigued when taking CBD in high doses. However, most people seem to enjoy their experience with capsules and often recommend them for relief.

Are CBD Capsules Safe?

Overall, yes. As long as you purchase from a reliable and trusted brand, and do not have any allergies to the ingredients they contain, have any medications that conflict with CBD, and are not nursing or pregnant, CBD capsules should be safe for you to use. Otherwise, we recommend speaking to a doctor before using them.

Should I Talk to My Doctor Before Using CBD Capsules?

Yes. While the side effects of CBD capsules are very mild and uncommon, it’s always best to be safe rather than sorry. For the most part, unless you’re a woman who is nursing or pregnant, or have a medical condition or medication that conflicts with CBD, you should be fine to take it. But, your doctor can help answer any additional questions you have, and work with you to find the best dosage, and track your progress.

Are CBD Capsules Legal?

Yes. CBD is legal in all 50 United States under the Farm Bill of 2014, which states that as long as it comes from a hemp plant with 0.3% THC or less, it is legal in the United States. There are some states that have more specific, stricter laws regarding CBD. You can learn more about the CBD laws here.

How Many CBD Capsules Should I Take?

It depends largely on your symptoms and your body weight, along with other, more complicated factors. Basically, depending on your symptoms and weight, you’ll want to use this table as a general guideline for dosing your CBD capsules:

Weight Standard Therapeutic Strong
80-100 lbs. 6 mg 10 mg 15 mg
100-120 lbs. 8 mg 12 mg 18 mg
120-140 lbs. 10 mg 14 mg 20 mg
140-160 lbs. 10 mg 15 mg 22 mg
160-180 lbs. 10 mg 16 mg 25 mg
180-200 lbs. 10 mg 20 mg 30 mg
200-220 lbs. 15 mg 25 mg 40 mg
220-240 lbs. 15 mg 25 mg 50 mg
240-260 lbs. 15 mg 30 mg 60 mg
260-280 lbs. 15 mg 30 mg 60 mg

Keep in mind, the stronger your symptoms are, the stronger your dosage should probably be to get the best results. We suggest starting on the lower end for your weight class, then upping your dosage slowly over time until you get it dialed in.

Capsules are labeled in milligrams per capsule, which makes dosing extremely easy. And more often than not, the capsules are filled with 99% CBD isolate, which helps your body to absorb and utilize the cannabidiol more effectively.

What Should I Look for in CBD Pills?

When it comes to finding the right capsules, you really want to make sure that you do your homework first. You’ll want to look for things like:

1. Ingredients

You really want to look for CBD pills with as few ingredients as possible. Ideally, MCT oil and CBD isolate is all that really needs to be in there, aside from the capsules themselves - which you’ll want to make sure are safe. Our collection features only the best brands that take pride in providing high-quality cannabidiol capsules with just a few, natural ingredients.

2. Batch Results

Batch results from the lab tell you everything you need to know about what’s in your CBD pills. From percentages of cannabinoids to the makeup of the mixture, and even the terpene profile of your pills - this little report is jam-packed with everything you should know. Most reputable companies provide batch reports for each batch, that are conducted and verified by third parties. We only work with companies that lab test their products.

3. Trusted Brands

Because the industry is so unregulated still, it’s vital that you work with brands that are trusted, and have a good reputation in the industry. Otherwise, you may expose yourself to risks, or not get the best value for your purchase.

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More CBD Capsule FAQ

Have even more questions about CBD pills? We’ve got answers:

Do CBD capsules get you high?

No. CBD capsules almost always contain CBD isolate, which is made of 99% pure CBD and contains very trace amounts of other cannabinoids. THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis responsible for the “high” feeling is not typically found in CBD capsules. Some raw hemp oil capsules or full-spectrum CBD capsules do contain THC, but only in trace amounts under 0.3% - which is still not enough to get you high.

Does CBD show up on a drug test?

No. CBD is not something that is tested on most drug tests. Most tests check for THC, and a few even check for other cannabinoids. You have the right to ask what will be on your drug test. Even if you take full-spectrum CBD with a small bit of THC in it for additional aid, it is not enough to show up on a drug test. But, to be safe, there are CBD products that have no THC at all - so you can have peace of mind come test time.

Are CBD capsules good for pain?

Yes. CBD has been shown to help with chronic and persistent pain associated with a myriad of medical conditions. It has also been shown to help with muscle pain, spasms, and more. To learn more about the benefits of CBD, and how it may be able to help you, check out this complete guide.

Are CBD capsules good for anxiety?

Yes. CBD has been shown to help with anxiety in early studies, and more research is currently underway. Many users report that CBD makes them feel more relaxed, less anxious and less stressed. In fact, anxiety is one of the three most common reasons people in the United States turn to CBD.

Are CBD capsules good for inflammation?

Yes. CBD has been proven to help with inflammation in a number of studies and is widely known for helping with inflammation, which can be a root cause for pain and a symptom of many medical conditions. CBD capsules are extra effective because most contain MCT oil, which is full of antioxidants and fatty acids needed to reduce inflammation.

Are CBD capsules full-spectrum?

Some are, but most are not. Depending on the type of relief you’re looking for, full-spectrum may be the better choice - due to the entourage effect, which compounds the power of cannabinoids when they’re combined together. Many people who have used both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD capsules report that the full-spectrum yields much more noticeable and consistent results.

What do CBD capsules taste like?

Nothing really. Just like vitamin capsules, these little guys are meant to be swallowed with a big gulp of water. You don’t have to chew them or keep them in your mouth long, and if you did, they have very little to no noticeable taste - much like vitamin capsules.

How long do CBD capsules last?

Usually, the effects of CBD last around 4-6 hours after ingestion but can last longer depending on the timing of the released capsule. For this reason, we typically recommend splitting your daily dosage into 2-3 rounds, where you take a capsule with each meal - to get consistent relief throughout the day.

What’s the difference between CBD pills and CBD oil?

CBD capsules usually contain CBD isolate, which is almost 99% CBD. Meanwhile, CBD oil tends to contain a mixed blend of cannabinoids and terpenes that help to bring about the entourage effect. There are full-spectrum CBD pills that contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids as well.

Why should I try CBD capsules from HelpingPot?

We work very hard to partner with the best and brightest brands on the market - while bringing you affordable prices. You can trust every product on our site to be reliable, effective, and lab tested. We take quality very seriously and keep it as our #1 priority at all times with all products.

Can CBD capsules help me sleep?

Yes. The ECS is also known for influencing and regulating sleep, and CBD can help your body to balance out your endocannabinoids over time to attain better and more consistent sleep.

Are CBD capsules isolate, broad-spectrum, or full-spectrum?

It all depends. Most are made with isolate, but there are some that feature both broad and full-spectrum ingredients to help you get the exact relief you’re looking for.

How can I decide between CBD capsules or tincture?

Ultimately, both will help you to get the results and relief you’re looking for. The biggest thing you’ll want to consider is how you prefer to take your CBD. Would you rather have a quick and easy pill to swallow, or a flavorful tincture to drop under your tongue each day? Both work well, and there is really no right or wrong answer.

When should I take CBD capsules?

We recommend taking them with meals because they will be digested with your food and released properly. We recommend taking them 1-3 times per day as needed, with a meal. You can choose how many you take, and how much your dosage is, just be sure to be consistent and take notes so that you can document your process and improve your results as you go along.

Are CBD capsules better than CBD oil?

It all depends on your preferences really. There is no right or wrong answer and both forms of CBD will help you get the results you’re looking for and the relief you need.

Are CBD pills good for health and wellness?

Yes. CBD helps to reduce inflammation, pain, and help us deal with anxiety and stress. On top of that, it’s also been shown to help regulate your endocannabinoids, which play a large role in reproduction, sleep, appetite, and mood. To top it all off, some CBD pills are also a great source of antioxidants and fatty acids, which help to heal your body and reduce pain and inflammation.

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