Large Upright Bubbler by GRAV
Large Upright Bubbler by GRAV

Large Upright Bubbler by GRAV

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The Large Upright Bubbler by GRAV stands on its own at 9 inches tall. This piece has a flat bottom base making it difficult to knock over. 

Its diffused downstem helps filter smoke as it travels from the bowl pack to the mouthpiece. This large bubbler works best with about 2 inches of water at the bottom of the piece. 

The angled mouthpiece acts a splash guard keeping your face away from the flame and water that may splash out if you take a giant rip. 

Made of high quality glass this bubbler by GRAV is perfect for someone who is looking for those nice smooth hits. 


  • Bowl Included 
  • High Quality Glass 
  • 50mm Glass Tubing 
  • Dewar-sealed Joint 
  • Flat Base 
  • Colored Accents 
  • Diffused Downstem


  • 14mm Female Joint 
  • 90 Degree Joint 


  • 9 Inches Tall

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