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Sherlocks are a specific type of hand pipe that is somewhat similar to spoons. They have an "S" shaped neck which is very prominent.
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Everything You Should Know About Sherlock Pipes

Sherlock pipes get their name from the infamous Sherlock Holmes, and the shape of his wooden tobacco pipe. They typically are made from glass, although there are some old fashioned ones made from wood still, and a few out there that are made of silicone.

The Sherlock provides a smooth, cool smoking experience that allows flavors to develop more richly. Compared to other dry pipes, they are quite smooth, and tend to have larger bowl packs as well - making them perfect for smoking with a few friends, or puffing on throughout the day.

What Are Sherlock Pipes?

Sherlock Pipes are a type of hand pipe that has a long, rounded tube that attaches their thin, angled mouthpiece to a large, big-bellied bowl pack that usually acts as a base. They tend to be about 6-10” long in total, making them a bit more difficult to conceal or travel with than other hand pipes. But, they make up for it with their smooth, cool smoke, thanks to their long, curved neck.

How Do You Smoke A Sherlock Pipe?

Why, it’s elementary my dear Watson. All you need to do is:

  1. Pack your bowl
  2. Light it
  3. Inhale

After that, you may want to take the time to clean out your bowl once you’re done, but you don’t have to.

Why You Need A Quality Sherlock Pipe

Look, we all want to get the most value for our purchases. Taking the time to find a quality Sherlock pipe is something that can pay off in the long run. Finding one involves knowing where to look, what to look for, and how to get the most out of your pipe once you’ve found the right one.

3 Things to Look for in a Quality Sherlock Pipe

Here’s what you need to look for to make sure you choose the best Sherlock pipe:

1. Sturdy, Stable Base

Because Sherlock pipes are so large and bottom heavy, you really need to make sure you choose one with a strong and sturdy base - that isn’t going to fall over, or break easily. This will help you avoid breaking your pipe and allow you to keep it longer.

2. Thick Glass

Due to their long necks, and large size, you also want your Sherlock to be a bit thicker than most glass, in order to keep it durable.

3. Deep Pack

If you’re going to take the time and spend the money to get a Sherlock pipe, you want to at least make sure it foots the bill - and has a deep, large bowl pack.

3 Sherlock Pipe Tips: Get the Most Out of Your Glass Sherlock

Want to get the most out of your pipe? Here are some quick tips you can follow that will help:

1. Clean It Often

Don’t wait for it to clog before you decide to clean it. Simply clean your Sherlock pipe by letting it soak overnight in a mixture of salt and water, salt and vinegar, or a pipe cleaning solution. Then, use a pipe cleaner and q-tips to get the remaining resin out of it. After that, be sure to rinse it and let it dry before smoking again.

2. Use Pipe Screens

Pipe screens enhance your smoking session by making it more convenient - collecting the remaining ashes, making them easy to dispose of, and your pipe hard to clog. They’re extremely affordable, fit almost any pipe, and last a long time.

3. Avoid Rapid Temperature Change

Just like all glass, Sherlock pipes are typically prone to cracking or fracturing when subjected to rapid temperature changes too quickly. The best way to avoid this is to store them indoors, and use only room temperature water or liquids during the cleaning process.

Sherlock Pipe FAQ

Want to learn even more about Sherlock pipes? We’ve got you covered.

How Do You Clean A Sherlock pipe?

Cleaning your Sherlock pipe really easy, all you need is some warm water, salt, and to leave it soaking overnight. Then, all you need to do is use a pipe cleaner and q-tips to get the remaining resin out. After that, rinse it out and let it dry before smoking again.

Are Silicone Sherlock Pipes Safe?

It really all depends on what type of silicone they’re made from. You should really try to look for Sherlock pipes made from BPA-free, FDA-approved silicone. Otherwise, you could expose yourself to health risks. At HelpingPot, we only work with silicone pipe brands that meet these two criteria - to ensure the safety and quality of your purchase.

What’s the Best Sherlock Pipe?

It really all depends on what you’re looking for. There are hundreds of Sherlock pipes available in all shapes, sizes, and materials. For most smokers, the glass Sherlock pipe is best because it’s got everything you need, and to get the best flavor and smoking experience, you may prefer glass.

Why Should I Buy a Sherlock Pipe Online?

Shopping online helps you to compare your options easier, get better deals, and browse the best brands. Shop Sherlock pipes online at HelpingPot to find tons of deals on the best Sherlock pipes.

What Are the Best Sherlock Pipe Brands?

There are dozens of reliable and trusted brands that make high-quality glass Sherlock pipes, but some of our favorites are:

  1. Empire Glassworks
  2. GRAV
  3. Glassheads
  4. Diamond Glass
  5. Chameleon Glass

But there are plenty more to be discovered. Get started shopping now in our online headshop.

How Much Do Sherlock Pipes Cost?

You can usually expect to pay about $35-$50 for a solid, reliable Sherlock pipe. A few options will be more expensive - such as if you’re looking for a hand blown piece, or something very large.

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