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What Are CBD Topicals?

CBD Topicals include any type of CBD product that can be applied to the skin directly, including:

  • CBD Lotions
  • CBD Creams
  • CBD Salves
  • CBD Moisturizers
  • CBD Muscle Rubs
  • CBD Toners
  • And More…

They typically have lower amounts of CBD compared to other products like tinctures and oils, because they are absorbed directly into the skin, which makes for quicker absorption in the immediate area.

Some CBD topicals are simply made to help you get more phytonutrients in your skincare routine, with more all-natural, hemp-based alternatives to makeup. While other topicals are meant for soothing muscle pain, joint pain, inflammation, and other ailments.

Best CBD Topicals: Know Your Products

In order to find the best CBD topical for you, it’s important to understand your options. Each type of topical has a different purpose and is absorbed slightly differently - providing different results. You may have to change things up a few times in order to find out what works best for you, so don’t be afraid to experiment to get the best relief.

CBD Lotions

CBD lotions are infused with lower amounts of CBD than other topical products, and are meant to be used less as pain or inflammation reducers, and more as skincare products. They’re usually filled with all-natural nutrients your skin needs to stay healthy and repair itself from all that life throws at it. You can strengthen these lotions to be more powerful and get more pain relief by combining CBD isolates.

CBD Creams

CBD creams are stronger in concentration and provide many people with the soothing relief they need for ailments such as chronic pain, muscle pain, muscle spasms, and more. These creams are affordable and come in many doses to make it very easy to find what you need and adjust your dosage over time.

CBD Salves

CBD salves are the most powerful type of CBD topical you can get besides patches. They tend to have high dosages, and are largely preferred by people who need relief for chronic pain and inflammation related to arthritis and other conditions. These powerful topicals provide long-lasting, consistent relief when you need it, and activate very quickly.

CBD Patches

CBD patches are by far the most powerful and potent way to absorb CBD through your skin to very specific areas of the body. This provides effective and long-lasting pain and inflammation relief for those who need it most when they need it most. Patches can be used for slow release to allow for consistent relief throughout the day, allowing convenience and comfort, without having to stop to reapply.

How Do CBD Topicals Work?

Inside our bodies, we have what is called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). This system helps to regulate a wide variety of bodily functions, such as sleep, mood, appetite, memory, and reproduction.

CBD is one of many cannabinoids found in hemp that works within our ECS to send signals to the various systems of our bodies using neurotransmitters. CBD and it’s supporting cast of cannabinoids work within the ECS to help produce and regulate more endocannabinoids (cannabinoids produced in your body), in order to help with inflammation, pain, nausea, and many other symptoms.

CBD topicals in particular work by being absorbed directly into the skin, which allows users to absorb it quicker, and more directly - to target specific parts of the body that are inflamed or in pain.

Do CBD Topicals Work?

Research into CBD topicals is still in very early stages, but a few studies do show promise so far:

  1. CBD targets pain receptors to suppress chronic and persistent pain - This 2012 study found that cannabidiol and other cannabinoids help to treat and mediate chronic pain very effectively.
  2. 62% of CBD users reported using it for a medical condition - This study found that a majority of them used it for anxiety, stress, and pain (mainly). 36% of these people reported that CBD worked “very well by itself”, while another 29.5% of people reported it worked “moderately well by itself”, and another 30.5% reported that it worked “well with conventional medicine”. In this study, a total of 95.5% of people reported that CBD worked well by itself and with conventional medicine.
  3. CBD reduces inflammation for a number of diseases - This 2011 study shows some of the ways that cannabidiol helps to reduce inflammation in the body that is related to many common diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and otosclerosis.
  4. CBD reduced inflammation related to acute lung injury - This 2012 study shows proof that CBD can be used to reduce inflammation in a number of ways for a number of disorders. Specifically, this study displayed its ability to help with inflammation in the lungs due to respiratory disorders and diseases.

Overall, CBD has shown great promise for reducing inflammation and helping people to mediate and treat chronic pain associated with arthritis and other conditions.

Many people consider them to be helpful for anything from sore muscles and muscle spasms to chronic pain and inflammation.

To learn more about CBD, how it works, and the research that backs it up, check out this complete guide.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Topicals?

The major benefits of CBD topicals are that they are:

  • Available in many forms
  • Affordable and long-lasting
  • Available in variable dosages
  • Easy to apply
  • Very quick at providing relief
  • High moisturizing qualities
  • High in vital nutrients for your skin
  • Strong and reliable
  • Not absorbed into your bloodstream
  • You don’t build a tolerance to it over time
  • It doesn’t make your drowsy or tired

Because of this, CBD topicals are an excellent choice for people who need strong relief for specific pain areas on a consistent basis.

To learn more about the benefits of CBD, check out this helpful beginner’s guide.

Who Are CBD Topicals They Best For?

If you find yourself suffering from joint pain, back pain, chronic pain, or general inflammation due to injury or a health condition, CBD topicals may be a solid fit for you.

More specifically, topicals were created to help people with arthritis, athletes suffering from muscle spasms and cramps, and people suffering through chronic pain on a daily basis.

They are also a great alternative for you if the side effects of CBD are too overwhelming for you at high doses - as most of the CBD is absorbed directly into your skin, instead of your stomach or bloodstream.

Lastly, CBD topicals are equally a great choice for people who are trying to go for a more all-natural skincare approach - as they have great moisturizing qualities, and also provide the skin with extremely important nutrients.

What Are the Side Effects of CBD Topicals?

For the most part, side effects are fairly mild and uncommon. They include:

  • Redness around the area
  • Irritation
  • Itchiness

CBD topicals tend to moisturize the skin, and most reliable brands stay away from complicated, unnatural chemicals that most common skincare brands use. As a result, most people should be fine implementing CBD topicals into their skincare routine, as long as you do it right and use the right amount of product.

To learn more about the side effects of CBD, check out this complete guide.

How Do CBD Topicals Make You Feel?

A lot of people who are new to the CBD scene have this misconception that it makes you feel a certain type of high like cannabis. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

First of all, topicals are only absorbed through the skin - so they do not ever enter your bloodstream. Second of all, what does get absorbed causes no mental side effects such as the high feeling most associate with cannabis.

In terms of how it makes your body feel - it all depends on the dosage you use and the type of topical you’re using. Salves, creams, and muscle rubs tend to be stronger in dosage than lotions and oils - providing solid pain and inflammation relief for affected areas. But, it’s not a numbing feeling, just a reduction in pain. This relief usually lasts 4-6 hours.

Are CBD Topicals Safe?

As far as we know based on current research, there is no lethal dose of CBD. On top of that, the known side effects are very mild, and most are only experienced by people who ingest CBD, rather than those who use topicals. The FDA has still not approved any CBD related products with the exception of Sativex and Epidoliex - which are used to treat MS and epileptic seizures respectively.

Overall, the outlook for CBD seems safe, but more research needs to be done before we can make any strong conclusions. The best way to make sure that CBD is safe for you is to speak with your doctor or dermatologist.

Should I Talk to My Dermatologist First?

Yes. You should also speak to your doctor. If you are taking medication for a medical condition, or not, you want to speak with your doctor or dermatologist before switching to CBD topicals. They will be able to help you figure out the best way to dose, which topical may be best for you, and most importantly; if there are any health concerns with you using CBD.

Are CBD Topicals Legal?

Yes. CBD products are legal in the United States as long as they conform to the Farm Bill, which requires them to be derived from hemp plants with less than 0.3% THC content. To learn more about the CBD laws in your state, check out this comprehensive guide.

How to Apply CBD Topicals

To apply your CBD topical, you’ll want to follow these quick steps:

  1. Apply only to the affected area
  2. Apply in a circular motion, counterclockwise
  3. Rub it in thoroughly until all absorbed
  4. Apply as needed throughout the day
  5. Try to be consistent with timing and dosage

Each type of topical is different and some may take a bit longer to apply than others. Overall though the process is simple, the most important part is to make sure you are consistent with your dosage and apply thoroughly. Speak to your doctor in order to learn more about the proper dosage.

How to Choose the Best CBD Topical for You

In your quest to find the best topical CBD cream for your needs, following these steps will help you find what you’re looking for:

1. Know What Strength You Need

Knowing what dosage you need to get the results you’re looking for is key to getting the relief you need. Talking to your doctor first can help, but it will also take a bit of experimentation. The important part is giving it enough time before changing your dosage again, in order to make sure you’ve found the right amount.

2. Choose A Trusted Brand

Sourcing your topicals from a trusted brand is probably the best way to make sure you get the most out of them. There are hundreds of brands out there, but you want to find the handful that get it right. At HelpingPot, we only work with the most trusted CBD brands to provide our customers with high-quality topicals, lotions, creams, and more.

3. Read the Active Ingredients

Understanding what ingredients are in your CBD cream will help you to avoid allergic reactions, or anything that you are trying to keep out of your body. It also will give you an idea of how natural the recipe is for the topical you are using - which is important when selecting a skincare product.

4. Speak to Your Doctor

We can’t stress enough how important it is to speak with your doctor prior to using CBD in any form. They will be able to help you understand what dosage is a good starting point, and will also help you avoid mixing any medications that may encounter problems when used with CBD.

How to Get the Most Out of Your CBD Topicals

Here are a few tips you’ll want to use in order to get the most out of your topicals:

1. Be Consistent

If you really want to experience results, you need to be consistent with your application of it. Whether it’s a few milligrams a few times a day or more, you need to make sure that you try to be consistent with times and dosage in order to really log your results and determine what needs to be improved to get better results.

2. Keep A Journal

Keeping a journal of your progress, process, and results will help you determine what’s working, what’s not, and what you can do to get better results. It’s super simple and only takes a few minutes a day to write these things down, but it can make a massive difference over time to provide you with more effective relief.

3. Adjust Your Dosage As Needed

Over time, once you have enough notes and experience (2-4 weeks) taking your CBD topicals, you can begin adjusting your dosage and perhaps even trying new products to see what works best. Be sure to give new dosages and products ample time to be observed and documented before making more changes, in order to dial in on what works best for you.

Why Buy CBD Topicals Online?

Shopping CBD topicals online allows you to get access to a wide variety of CBD products from highly regarded brands. It also empowers you to get the most out of your experience by offering more affordable prices and more resources for learning. By shopping with HelpingPot, you get access to only the best brands that are highly trusted, along with great deals on some of the top products.

More FAQ

Have even more questions before trying CBD topicals for yourself? We’ve got the answers for you.

What ingredients are in CBD topicals?

It all depends on the brand and the product. But fortunately, all of the CBD topicals on HelpingPot are labeled with the entire ingredient list and also have lab results. If you want to be absolutely sure what’s in your skincare products, choose from our selection of high-quality, trusted brands.

What are the best CBD topical brands?

Here are some of the best CBD brands for topicals and skincare products:

  • PureKana
  • Endoca
  • Abinoid Botanicals
  • Hemp Oil Care
  • Made By Hemp
  • Hempmetics
  • Mary’s Nutritionals
  • Green Roads

As time goes on, we plan on working with even more reliable CBD brands to bring you the best topicals out there. Soon, we will also be adding brand and product reviews, as well as content that will help you find the best CBD topicals for your needs.

How much CBD do I need?

It all depends on your symptoms, your body, and your needs. Depending on the level of pain you’re dealing with, you may need anywhere from 100-500mg+ in the product you choose. Some people who have seriously high doses add CBD isolate to their creams and topicals in order to strengthen them. In order to learn more about your dosage, you should first speak with your doctor.

What does CBD do for skin?

CBD helps to moisturize and nurture the skin with powerful antioxidants and omega fatty acids that are needed to cleanse and replenish your pores and tissues. It also helps to boost collagen production, which is the material that lies between our skin and tissue - which we lose over time, causing wrinkles and age marks.

Many people consider CBD topicals to help with:

  • Chronic acne
  • Dry skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • Cracked and aging skin

If you are looking for a more natural way to take care of your skin, and get the nutrients you need - CBD topicals are a great option.

Can CBD oil reduce wrinkles?

While signs of aging skin such as wrinkles are an unavoidable sign of age, they can be reduced or slightly prevented by a healthy skincare routine. One of the main reasons that CBD is being looked at for skincare solutions is because it stimulates the production of collagen - which is responsible for skin elasticity and strength.

Put simply, CBD topicals allow your body to produce more collagen, which strengthens your skin and helps to keep it healthier longer. It also has been shown to increase skin cell regeneration and production in the body, which can make a positive difference in the appearance and feel of your skin.

Can CBD be absorbed through the skin?

Yes. Topicals that are absorbed through the skin, but the CBD never makes it into the bloodstream - and is instead absorbed by local cannabinoid receptors in the surrounding muscles and tissues. Overall, our skin has a very low permeability, which means that in order to get the results you are looking for, you will need to apply it properly on a regular basis to get the most absorption.

Do CBD topicals actually work?

It all depends on what you’re trying to accomplish, what products you choose, and how much you use. If you consistently use the right dosage and apply correctly, CBD topicals have shown promise for helping millions of Americans deal with chronic pain and inflammation.

Can I rub CBD oil on my skin for pain?

Yes, but you’ll probably get better results using CBD topicals that are designed specifically to be absorbed through the skin. However, some CBD oils are actually made for skincare also!

Will topical CBD test positive on a drug test?

No. CBD, in general, cannot show up on a drug test and does not get you high. Even full-spectrum CBD oil that does contain trace amounts of THC still will not show up on a drug test - because it is too negligible of an amount. If you want to be super safe, you can find CBD topicals with no THC at all.

Can CBD cream be used for pain?

Yes. CBD cream has helped many Americans to find relief for their chronic pain associated with arthritis and other medical conditions.

Does topical CBD help with arthritis?

Yes. Topical CBD is great for arthritis and has helped many people to reduce their pain levels as well as their inflammation to get a better range of motion and deal with their pain much easier.

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Looking for even more information about CBD? Luckily, our CBD blog has tons of resources that can help you find answers to all your questions, and learn new, creative ways to use CBD and get the most out of it.

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