4.5" Gold Hand Made Spoon Pipe from Nepal

4.5" Gold Hand Made Spoon Pipe from Nepal

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These items are handmade in Nepal and come with slight variations in design. This handblown pipe is 4.5" in length, and is of the highest quality glass. It is a unique and eccentric addition to any smoking collection.

With all imports, we'll do our best to ship you the item in the photographs. If the exact item isn't available we'll pick an item that is of equal price and has a similar design.

Our imports, unlike many other distributors, are put through a rigorous quality control. You can always use our open-ended return policy if you're not happy with our selection.

  • Handcrafted in Nepal
  • Beautifully designed 
  • Spoon bowl with a bubbled stem
  • 4.5" long


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