JGO Sublingual CBD Tincture for Dogs (250mg)

JGO Sublingual CBD Tincture for Dogs (250mg)

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Jolly Green Oil is one of our top CBD brands for tinctures and other products made specifically for dogs and other pets. 

This sublingual (under the tongue) CBD tincture for dogs is great for helping your aging pup with common problems such as anxiety, stress, arthritis, pain, skin irritation, and more! 

It works effectively for calming your dog down when they begin to feel anxious, or if they deal with chronic pain from joints, muscles, or conditions. This is an affordable, safe tincture from a brand you can trust.  

JGO has partnered with certified hemp farm in Colorado with organic practices and on-site chemist to make and all of their CBD oil is CAT 3 tested to ensure quality, safety, and trueness to their all natural ingredients. 

Who's This Best For? 

  • Dogs With Inflammation
  • Dogs With Irritated Skin 
  • Dogs With Anxiety 
  • Dogs With Joint Pain
  • Dogs With Arthritis 

How Much CBD Is In It? 

  • 250mg in the whole bottle

Ingredients & Information: 

  • CBD Derived from Pure Hemp 

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