JGO+ Terpene CBD Vape Pods [4 Flavors] - JUUL Compatible! (425mg)

JGO+ Terpene CBD Vape Pods [4 Flavors] - JUUL Compatible! (425mg)

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Jolly Green Oil is one of the leading brands on the market when it comes to CBD vapeables, and these JUUL compatible CBD cartridges are a perfect example of why. 

Sick and tired of buying hard to refill, inconsistent vape cartridges that fit only to inconvenient, hard to charge, and easy to break vaping devices? 

Forget all that. Simply pick up a durable JUUL with charger from your local gas station for an affordable price, and then purchase replaceable CBD cartridges for it. 

These cartridges pack a big punch despite their small size - filled with 425mg of CBD that has a 92% potency. With 4 tasty flavor options and one of the best replaceable vape cartridge designs, a reliable brand, and an affordable price point - don't wait to get your hands on yours today! 

    Who's This Best For? 

    • People Who Prefer Vaping 
    • People Who Need Quick Relief 
    • People Who Need Blood Stream Absorption
    • People With Inflammation & Pain

    How Much CBD Is In It? 

    • 425mg in the whole cartridge

    Ingredients & Information: 

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