Forest Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Tincture (200mg)

Forest Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Tincture (200mg)

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Looking to get the full spectrum effect of CBD without the psychoactive effects of the THC? 

This sublingual tincture by Forest Hemp is a great option for anyone looking to get started with CBD at small doses. 

Forest Hemp is known for their high quality, all natural hemp derived CBD products that are effective, soothing, and tasty. 

This is a great tincture for anyone looking for a low dosage CBD tincture that is made from a trusted company, in an all natural way.  

Comes with a 30mL dropper. Every one drop (1mL) contains about 6.6mg of CBD by volume. 

    Who's This Best For? 

    • People With Inflammation 
    • People With Chronic Pain 
    • People Who Need Quick Absorption
    • People Who Need Small Doses 

    How Much CBD Is In It? 

    • 200mg in the 0.5oz. bottle 

    Ingredients & Information: 

    • Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, Cannabidiol

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