Helix Flat Base Bong by GRAV

Helix Flat Base Bong by GRAV

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GRAV Labs has outdone themselves again with the Helix Flat Base Bong. The shape of the piece is not only a head turner but it is strategically designed to cool smoke as it travels throughout the piece. 

Its Venturi chamber mouthpiece features three air intake holes that cool and spin smoke. The Helix™ Water Pipe comes ready to use with a 14mm Helix™ Taster® Bowl and functions best with approximately 2" of water.

This bong is perfect for someone looking for a non traditional water pipe that stands out of the crowd. Made from thick glass when you purchase a GRAV product you know you are getting a durable, long lasting piece! 


  • Diffused Downstem 
  • Bowl Included 
  • Venturi Chamber Mouthpiece 
  • High Quality Materials 
  • 60mm Tubing 
  • Wide Flat Base


  • 14mm Female Joint 
  • 90 Degree Joint 


  • 9 Inches Tall


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