"Big-E Rig" E-Nail by Hyer
"Big-E Rig" E-Nail by Hyer
"Big-E Rig" E-Nail by Hyer

"Big-E Rig" E-Nail by Hyer

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Enjoy dabbing without the need of a torch with the Big-E Rig E-Nail by Hyer. This is not a rig on its own. It is an attachment that can be used to convert any bong into an e-rig. 

You don't need a quartz banger or a dab torch. All you need is the Big-E Rig E-Nail to convert your piece into an E-rig. Great for a stoner who doesn't want to have to clean multiple pieces or can't have a blowtorch lying around the house. 

This platform can be tossed a backpack and taken anywhere. Transform you and your friends bongs into e-rigs. 


The E-rig attachment might look complicated but it's actually super user-friendly. 

  1. Place your rig on the Big-E's dial controlled expandable base, adjust the grips so its snug. 
  2. Place the Bug-E's nail into the downstem of your bong and turn the unit on via control panel. 
  3. Heat to the desired temperature 
  4. Wait for LED light to indicate temp has been reached 
  5. Dab your concentrates onto to the included quartz nail 
  6. Inhale through the mouthpiece


  • Backlit LED Display
  • Electronic Nail 
  • Built-in Stash Container
  • Torch-Free
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • Portable 
  • Wireless
  • Combustion Free
  • Rechargeable 
  • Bong NOT Included 

In the Box

  • 1x - Hyer clamp-on base 
  • 1x - SmartSwitch magnetic cable 
  • 1x - Carb cap/concentrate tool 
  • 1x - USB C charging cable 
  • 1x - 18w wall charging adapter 
  • 1x - Electronic vaporization element 30w 
  • 4x - 3300 mAh batteries 


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