JGO - CBD Sublingual Tincture (500mg) - 30mL Bottle w/ Dropper

JGO - CBD Sublingual Tincture (500mg) - 30mL Bottle w/ Dropper

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Looking for a solid amount of CBD tincture to support your regular use? Looking for a medium potency CBD sublingual tincture that will give you the relief you're looking for? Want a way to save money on a quality product from a trusted brand? 

How about getting all of these things in one product? Jolly Green Oil has done it again, hitting the spot with this potent 500mg CBD Tincture. With just 30mL of tincture, each dropper packs about 16mg of CBD - providing solid relief to users with mild ailments and conditions. 

This is a highly regarded product made with natural hemp extracted CBD, and backed by third party quality checks and lab testing. 

This Sublingual CBD Tincture is also great for anyone who takes CBD and who is looking to save on your monthly dosage - by purchasing the 500mg, you may only need to take 1/2 of a dropper per day for smaller doses, while saving money in terms of CBD per volume, and not having to refill for a longer period of time.  

    Who's This Best For? 

    • People With Inflammation 
    • People With Chronic Pain 
    • People Who Need Quick Relief
    • People Who Need Quick Absorption 
    • People Who Need Blood Stream Absorption 
    • People Who Need Small to Medium Doses 

    How Much CBD Is In It? 

    • 500mg in the whole 30mL bottle 

    Ingredients & Information: 

    • No THC 
    • Cannabidiol (CBD) 
    • Non-GMO Verified MCT Oil

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