Silicone & Glass Dual Chamber Water Pipe
Silicone & Glass Dual Chamber Water Pipe

Silicone & Glass Dual Chamber Water Pipe

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The Dual Chamber Bong by AFG cools smoke down quickly as it travels through each chamber for double percolation resulting in consistently smooth hits every time. 

The inline percolator acts as a filtration system cooling and cleaning the smoke. This unique piece combines the durability of silicone with the clean and feel of glass. 

The Dual Chamber bong has a wide base so it can stand on its own and is easily portable due to its durability. The bent neck mouthpiece is designed to keep your face away from the flame and out of the splash zone.

Normally to get this amount of filtration in a bong it would have to be a large expensive bong. The Dual Chamber is add a moderate height of 7 inches making it a discrete piece that can be easily stored away. Equipped with dual percolation this bong is a great value under $100. 


  • Inline Percolator 
  • BPA Free Grade V1 Platinum Cured Silicone 
  • Bowl Included 
  • Food Grade Silicone 
  • Bent Neck Prevents Splash Back 
  • Color May Vary 


  • 14.5mm Female Joint 


  • 7 Inches Tall

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